I don't know about you, but I'm here to experience every moment that I can while I still have moments. I've explored many different teachings and leaned on the opinions of others, always seeking validation outside myself, always hoping someone else would have the answer I need, thinking I'll find the wise person to tell me if I'm right or wrong. Or, maybe this next person will love me more than anyone else, that's what I really need. Maybe if I change this place or this person or this thing, I'll finally feel better. Maybe you can relate?

It can feel impossible to withstand going too deeply into ourselves; facing our doubts, our self-judgments, our fears. It can feel difficult to trust our happiness, or the choices we make. As I get older, and I come face to face with the reality that my time is a limited resource that is slowly disappearing, there's no more time to waste ignoring my true self. It's time to listen, and to trust. It's worth the exploration.

Bonnie Ware, a nurse who counseled the dying, wrote a book revealing the 5 most common regrets, and the biggest was "I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me." and number five was, "I wish I'd let myself be happier."

What I've figured out so far, is that I desire to feel deeply and to inspire others to feel deeply. I love being inspired and I wish to give that gift to others; to move you. I offer myself as an artist in the world because I believe life is so rich even when we think it's mundane, and I want to keep remembering that and let myself feel more joy. I want to create and remind others that there's richness and beauty, whether it's happy and delightful or cathartic and soulful. It's my hope that you see my created works and are moved, even if just by one image. My sincere desire is that you will connect to something deep inside of yourself that maybe you ignore or forget or perhaps didn't know was even there. I hope that you get to find something that speaks to you as a recognition of your truest self, what you love and value, that you wish to express in the world.

Everything I create stems from the experience of exploring the deeper parts of me, of finding the truest version of me and seeing the things we all as humans have in common. What do you see?

2010 - present
2010 - present